There are four options to get FairCoin.  First, you need a wallet to store your FairCoins.


FairCoop exchange

Buy FairCoins directly with credit card or wire
transfer at
FairCoop uses the budget to buy FairCoin on crypto markets (to stabilize the price), exchange to merchants who need Euro for raw material and to cover expenses for development and communication of the FairCoop ecosystem. FairCoop activists have bought a lot of FairCoins in 2015 when the price was rather low. They have saved them to be used to finance various funds by selling small portions of those funds for dedicated projects.


Invest and get FairCoin

Support the implementation of results of a FairCoin strategy meeting held in January 2019. If you contribute Euros for the extension of the functionality of the FairCoin block explorer, you get the same amount in FairCoin for free!


Local Nodes

You can buy FairCoin at more than 50 Local Nodes worldwide. There you also find people who guide you when using FairCoin, many of them offer local goods and services. Open the map and find one in your area.


Offer products & services

Find people who are using FairCoins on and offer them products,
services or fiat money to get FairCoin.  On the map you find enterprises and nodes of all kinds accepting FairCoins as a payment method. This is especially useful for users to easily find locations to spend FairCoins for real-world products and services, and to support the circular economy. Or look up FairCoop's online marketplace FairMarket or komun's Bazar.



FairCoin can also be acquired through exchanges. The pricing on exchanges is subject to speculation. You first have to buy BitCoins and then may sell them for FairCoin.

  • BLOCKNET allows to exchange between crypto-currencies peer-to-peer
  • CoinExchange  is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, where you can change FairCoins
  • NovaExchange offers FairCoin for Bitcoin since 12th of March 2019
  • InstantBitex offers FairCoin for Bitcoin since 21th of March 2019
  • Lescovex will start selling FairCoins soon

The turnover of FairCoin at such exchanges is considerably low, as most exchanges are done in person at local nodes or via a dedicated telegram group (on invitation of the FairCoop community only).



Most countries have established money laundring laws.  We recommend anybyody who is selling a bigger amount of FairCoins to follow two principles:

  • KYC (Know Your Customer): record the identity of the buyer (e.g. ask for the ID card and make a note of the name and the ID number)
  • AML (Anti Money Laundring Law):  let the buyer confirm, that the origin of the  money is not from illegal activities (drug sales etc)

The ceiling for KYC varies by country (as of 2018: Austria € 10.000.-, Italy 3.000.-, France 1.000.-). Please check your local rules to avoid any troubles.



Coinmarketcap gathers data from various markets and shows capitalization and value.


Analyse the Euro price and follow the fixed change rates here.


Block explorers

Our block explorer shows all FairCoin transactions in the public blockchain. Needs some deeper knowledge in cryptocurrencies to understand this "public ledger". We are working on a more advanced block explorer (requires gitlab login) which offers e.g. tagging.


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